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Frequently Asked Questions about the Spusta Studio Store:

Q: A poster is listed as Sold Out or is not in the store, will anymore be released?

A: Usually no, but from time to time a few more posters turn up. This inventory would be added to the store unannounced. Please do not email about availability for Sold Out items.

Q: I made two (three, four, five) separate orders, can they be combined into one shipment?

A: Of course! We combine orders into the same shipment tube when possible. We can either refund customers for the combo shipping savings or just include include some extra small prints to compensate. Please send us an email if you would like to request a combo shipping refund.

Q: How soon will my order arrive?

A: It can take up to a few weeks to get orders out, but usually much quicker. Domestic orders are sent in a protective tube, Priority Mail (USPS) which is 2-3 day service. If you need the order sooner, just let us know.

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